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You might be wary about using that term. The use of the term "virtue signaling" is also a common method by which bigots signal their virtue to other bigots. As http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Social_justice_warrior#.22Virtu... puts it, the term was:

> "seized upon by reactionaries almost immediately and broadened to just every instance of somebody publicly expressing a desire for a better world. Just like SJW and whiteknighting, the user assumes being a prejudiced, oppressive asshole is the default and knows saying as such won't get them any traction, so they throw terms around that assumes bad faith of "the other side" in order to poison the well. "

Since I doubt you have no desire for a better world, I'll assume you mean it in Bartholomew's original sense. Unfortunately, others have ruined it enough that it's no longer a meaningful term of discourse.

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