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> Well, such use cases are internal email via IMAP with STARTSSL, they are browser traffic with default browsers (those don't allow custom CAs either, you'll likely have to compile a custom build yourself), etc.

Do you have a source for this? Whether non-standard CAs are accepted is up to the individual apps. Android N still has the ability to install custom root certificates. I haven't seen an announcement regarding, for example, the standard mail client or Chrome for Android.

> Basically, if you want to use any app - be it IRCCloud, Slack, Locally-Hosted Google Apps for big businesses as a box, etc locally, with a custom CA, you have to customly modify every single one of those apps, or you have to buy a CA.

"Buy a CA"? There's no publicly-trusted CA that will issue certificates for internal domains, period. Just stop using internal names for this purpose and you're fine. You can get domains and DNS hosting for a total of $ 0.00, so that's not a valid argument in my book.

> That's a great fucking piece of shit.

That's a security trade-off that's meant to help protect regular users while inconveniencing a small number of organizations that chose to still use internal names while ignoring many warnings that this is not a best practice, and who are now unable to get publicly-trusted certificates for these domains.

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