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I hope that color is just a prank. It hurts my eyes just looking at it. Can car makers stop making "quirky" EV designs? Nobody is asking for them.

> That’s in part due to its max range of 200 kilometres (about 124 miles).

If that's NEDC, then it's more like 85 miles EPA.

That's a special coating they put on to keep people from being able to see the car's design before it's being officially presented. Plenty of test cars driving around on my city's streets with these coatings on.

It's actually done to make it harder to see anything:


It makes it harder to see any details when the company wants to stay secretive about their new car.


I think it is kind of hilarious to try to camo a truck, like I can't quite tell what it is... is it a sports car? is it a SUV? The SUV wars are heating up!

Also kinda funny that a truck would be differentiated based on sheet metal styling.

It's not for someone looking at it. It's for everyone whose eye you don't want to catch. And consider that Ford or Boeing could easily ask NRO to downlink images of opportunity whenever untasked Keyhole assets overfly known industrial sites. Timesharing isn't just for computers and condos.

That pattern is typical of disguised prototypes, as it makes it a lot harder to make out details from photos.

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