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I feel it's important to point out that no one "needs" an EV certificate.

Of course there is the "increased conversion" argument from which some users find it worthwhile. But groups certain groups have long pushed a myth that certain types of websites "need" EV, which only serves to help their profits.

More than one consultant has argued you won't pass PCI compliance without an EV cert (false).

I feel a lot more comfortable logging on to a bank when they have an EV certificate. So for things like finincial institutions, I think there is a huge value in the extra feeling of trustworthiness.

For a random online store or something I don't care and I think there is almost no value...


BTW I'm trying to get in touch about ct_advisor but don't see an email listed...

Well it would appear you've identified a valid bug.

This has been fixed, and I've placed my email address on the site.

Thanks. Ideally, I would like to be able to update the email address used. I put the wrong email address in and there's no mechanism for correcting to the desired one.

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