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Many thanks for your feedback, which is exactly the sort of additional perspective I'm hoping for. I definitely don't want to confuse users, and I really appreciate your pointing this out. Yes, not a legal question: I will bend over backwords out of good will... but I'm not even sure what I'm asking for, which is why your feedback is so helpful.

Just to be as fair as I can: I also find the new "Jupyter" branding to itself be super ultra confusing. :)

This, anything with the word Jupyter in it causes confusion. Because homophones are cute, and supporting Ju(lia) Py(thon) and Ter makes sense, when the word IPython is too disclusive.

Technically there is also a (legal) issue with the IPython name and the proximity with `Python` trademark, where the IPython team have an exceptional authorisation, under continuous approval to use the name under some restrictive conditions, like for example non-commercial use.

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