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> On a side note, it's interesting to me that you singled out the deadlift, as I found the (back) squat the most challenging lift to master.

I totally agree with you, I feel that the goblet squat, front squat, and eventually the overhead squat are much better for beginners because they emphasize good movement mechanics in a way that the back squat allows you to cheat on (until you end up at the chiropractor).

The reason I put deadlifts first on the list is that I truly believe it to be the most important lift to master- particularly for those who spend most of their time in globally flexed positions while sitting on the primary movers of the posterior chain. Plus, you can't deadlift and not develop bracing technique, which is IMO the most important thing a beginner can learn.

I don't think I agree about the OHS; I think it's a move that is better suited to aspiring Olympic lifters due to its complexity and application to the snatch, but I'll leave that argument to the Contrerases of the world.

Very much with you on bracing and its essence in deadlifting, though.

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