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Don't we have, for example, a Teredo client baked in into every relatively recent Microsoft OS?

My ISP doesn't support IPv6, but I've just checked and a Windows 10 machine was able to do `curl -6 https://ipv6.google.com/` just fine.

And I think I've heard OS X has something as well... not sure, don't have OS X or iOS devices at hand to try it out.

(On GNU/Linux and BSD machines there's a lot of choices, Miredo, 6to4, AICCU from SixXS - whatever one fancies. As usual on *nix systems, setup is manual, though.)

And it works out of the box? Doesn't Teredo necessitate using a relay (someone to translate to native IPv6) – does MS just have one set up somewhere, and preconfigured?

Yes, out-of-box. Haven't ever did anything IPv6-related by myself on that machine.

That curl command doesn't connect on my OSX El Capitan.

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