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I work at a Fortune 500 company, in an open office area. I was the first person to use a standing desk, by cobbling some cardboard boxes together. And then I was kind of a promoter, and also mentioned to the department chair: "By any reasonable measure, computer use is a workplace safety problem waiting to explode." In fact I goaded him into getting one for himself.

Since then, quite a few people have gotten a VariDesk, and if you ask, your boss will just tell you to get one from Amazon.

If you think programming is bad, CAD is even worse. So far as wrist fatigue goes, I was in pain within a few months of getting my first Apple Mac, and quickly learned all of the keyboard shortcuts so I could minimize mouse use. A side benefit is that using a keyboard shortcut instead of an icon doesn't require you to focus your eyes on the screen.

Second the motion on VariDesk; I have one and am entirely pleased with it. (No, I don't work for them or have any financial interest in their company.)

I'd love to see this happen at my company. Many of us have L-desks with cabinets and drawers. I see little, if any use, for them, and would rather some vertical space in a convertible desk like the VariDesk.

You "goaded" your department chair?

Yup. He and I have a good relationship, plus he's willing to entertain well meaning debate. When he says, "my door is open," it's for real.

But I told him, "long term computer use will kill you. Get a standing desk."

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