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For specific beginner programs, GSLP and StrongLifts have always seemed like the two with the lowest barriers to entry of the ones I know about.

I would add weighted chin-ups to any beginner routine that doesn't have them, because I personally like to balance not only the push/pull muscles, but also in the horizontal and vertical planes.

You didn't ask, but my current routine consists of these core/compound lifts:

Workout A) * Bench Press (horizontal push) * Barbell Row (horizontal pull) * Squat (leg-driven push)

Workout B) * Overhead Press (vertical push) * Weighted Chin-Ups (vertical pull) * Deadlift (leg-driven pull)

Any lifts besides these are considered accessory and are only programmed in based on specific needs, e.g. weaknesses/imbalances/posture issues/aesthetic goals. If I can't tie an accessory back to a specific need, then it's just considered fuckarounditis and I eliminate it.

I rotate my rep scheme so I'm not always doing high weight / low rep, but sometimes low weight / high reps or medium weight / medium reps. I do this mostly to not get bored, but also because always doing high weight / low rep can get stressful. I'm probably sacrificing strength gains by slowing my progression down, but I'm okay with it.

Disclaimer: everyone's goals are different. I'm pushing 40 and my goals are to maintain a modest level of strength and overall fit appearance (only working out 3 days a week for < 90 minutes per session) and this is what works for me.

If one's goal is to be a powerlifter, fitness model, bodybuilder, etc. you most likely have to work harder and take your programming even further than I've taken mine.

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