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I do watch many of the videos yes. They are well done. He asks good questions and he's not like a typical journalist, because he asks questions he shouldn't. Sometimes he puts the interviewee on the spot and I like how he helps them feel comfortable sharing things they otherwise wouldn't. That part of it is great, because it helps entrepreneurs understand that the reality of business isn't pretty PR releases.

Packaging is important. It can be just as important to focus on the failures, but we don't see that a lot. People don't want to talk about their failures. It's hard to find the failures though, they aren't as famous. We can really learn a lot from failures though.

I believe it may be precisely because we don't see many failures that we keep failing. It's very difficult to understand why a company succeeded. We aren't told about the neighbor who had $1 M to invest or the happenstance that led to a great sale.

It's easier to identify reasons we fail and help us avoid them. Oddly, most failures we read about are due to the environment created by vc. Expectations, short runways, business/techie conflict, yet we continue to be led to believe that vc is a good thing for entrepreneurs. If you run the numbers, the first decision you should make as first time entrepreneur is to avoid VC.

Bootstrap the first one and get VC for the second one. Or, as some suggested to me in the past, get VC for an easy idea you don't really care about. Sell the investors that idea, keep the good one for yourself, then use the money to fuel what you're really passionate about.

We hear about failure that leads to eventual success, but not failure that only leads to more failure.

" Sometimes he puts the interviewee on the spot".

That is what I like about him. He asks hard questions and if you don't answer he asks why not. Great journalist in my opinion.

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