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You're not engaging with the article, you're engaging with a straw man. Nobody is going to offer $1Tn, $1Bn, or even $100MM for 37signals in 2010. When they get to the point where someone might, the notion of them turning down $100MM won't seem so funny anymore.

Similarly, DHH isn't writing "don't sell your business if you burn out". If you burn out and you can't fix it, do right by your team. DHH is critiquing the notion that you should build to flip, and the notion that there's great honor in doing that repeatedly. It's undeniable that there is a mythology around "serial entrepeneurs" who repeatedly flip companies.

You know what would be incredibly boring? A DHH post that anticipated and acknowledged every special case and every objection. "What if someone offered you $1Tn" is an especially b o r i n g objection. One of the reasons people read DHH's articles and don't read ours is that we write things like "Of course, if someone offers you $100MM, you should blah blah b l a h b l a h", and he doesn't.

It is also OK for him to be wrong. Being wrong --- at least, when you're not writing about password hashing --- does not put a point on your blogging license. The bar is, "is it interesting and does it come from an honest place".

I reread the post and will admit my comment doesn't directly engage the spirit of the post. His core thought is to build something for the long haul and put your love into it which is a good strategy (but not the only strategy). My comment was a bit tangential and stems from years of reading 37signals and getting a bit sick of the preachy, holier than thou attitude.

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