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I applaud 37s. I wish their voice was even louder! They are constantly drowned out by the VC rush that I've seen destroy really great companies with really great products that aren't around anymore because an investor wasn't satisfied with the growth rate.

If the companies, many who were my clients with VC, had gone a little slower and taken a little more time they would have been long time established players. Instead, another company years later -- also backed by VC -- comes in and takes the market that, years prior, wasn't big enough to support investor expectations.

During the dotcom boom, I saw multiple layoffs at multiple companies. I saw people crying. I saw founders of companies let go. I heard people say, "Just let me stay. I love working here. You don't have to pay me!" Sorry, that isn't an option in a VC backed company.

Yet, I don't know one bootstrapped startup who would say no to a loyal team mate who wants to work and build something without needing a salary.

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