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This essay is nothing more than the authors opinion (which there is nothing wrong with) presented as fact (completely take umbrage with this). Looking at the authors website, the current design of Apple's UI elements are not to their taste. An example would be this; http://www.nicholaswindsorhoward.com/blog-directory/2016/1/2... The odd idea is interesting, but it's massively regressive.

I particularly like that in this case apparently a picture of a sunflower is a perfectly acceptable icon for "Photos"

Yeah. It's particularly annoying how he notes in passing that since 2013 "almost all software designers, including Appleā€™s" have started to prefer the flat style, and yet he still presents his own opinion as objectively correct.

With a few exceptions he has a serious case of "I like it the way it used to be!"

Yeah, his taste reminds me quite a bit of KDE 4.

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