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Is it possible for them to just write a blog post on their own blog that nobody forces you to read without prefacing it with a detailed justification? Or have they spent all their "axod tolerance" tokens?

This attitude is the reason I don't blog anymore. You don't just disagree with them. You're put out that they're writing at all. I understand where you're coming from and I sympathize but that attitude is oppressive and stifling and I wish people would dial it down. I'm one of the culprits too (hoist me up by anything I've written about pg). I hope people call me on it too.

Yeah you're right. I'm just so damn tired of their constant blogging about philosophy/preaching about how right they are.

For me, it's absolutely not hacker news. I don't know what it is.

If they want some respect, write some software! Blog about some cool technology. Solve a hard problem.

edit: deleted my previous posts. I'm not going to comment on any more of these posts.

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