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I had the new phone Google Authenticator lost data problem too. I use Authy now. It is attached to your email and phone number so you can login when you get a new phone

There was an update to the GA app a year or two back that screwed up the saved data and lost a lot of people access to their stuff... Google's answer was "Sorry, our bad. We'll have a new version of the app out that doesn't do this in a few weeks or whenever we get around to it, but all your lost stuff is gone. Soz..."

Protip: Don't allow your TFA app/hardware to be a single point of failure. Don't upgrade your reserve TFA device/apps until you're 100% sure the upgrade on your primary TFA device/app has worked smoothly.

I don't understand the downvotes.

Anyway, I have one time codes for all accounts I use 2FA with. Google generates these one time codes as TOTP substitutes, LastPass generates them as a one time master password that's TOTP exempt. Amazon you have to send an email and they'll call to verify and then unset 2FA on the account.

Criticise the mighty Google, and you'll be forced to pay dearly with meaningless internet points ;-)

(It's a little telling that none of the downvoters attempted to refute any of the facts…)

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