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An interesting perspective, I guess. He seems to be saying that he's in it for the fame and the glory, which I guess is fine if that's his preference. Practicality suggests taking a good payout when it appears, but of course every circumstance is different and requires individual consideration.

For the record, many of the listed business leaders have sold businesses, and considered selling their flagship businesses but felt the offers were too low. I remember reading this specifically about Google, but don't want to find a source (searching "google acquisition" isn't really helpful these days). Jobs sold NeXT; I think he would have sold NeXT even if Apple was not the buyer. etc.

Buffet et al are driven by practicality. Dynastic ambitions are an obstruction on the way to Buffet's status.

Oh, make no mistake. I'm in it for the money too. But I think there's more money to be made owning my own company for the next twenty years than there is selling it for 10-15 times today profits (the realistic, going price for profitable software companies).

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