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Tipping point for me last week: I now receive more spam phone calls than I do spam email.

Same here, does anyone know what the heck is going on? Why has there been such a surge in the past year or two?

My uncle was an early supporter of Ooma and my parents have a box that provides their landline number that they've had for 25+ years, and they don't pay anything in terms of a monthly fee.

In spite of how great of a deal it is, the spam calls have gotten to be so bad that my parents are considering getting rid of it. It's not worth the hassle, even when it's essentially free. At least half the calls that come in are spam.

(Quick aside: Ooma deserves praise for their product. I hope they succeed and can pivot properly to other products as telephones naturally die. They contribute back to the FOSS Asterisk project and their products are reliable.

Here's a cool blog post I've come across where someone hooks their Ooma box into a local server running Asterisk. You could probably do some really cool home-automation with this: http://www.adrianandgenese.com/blogger/2010/04/23/how-to-set... )

The Do Not Call list at some point simply stopped working. I file several complaints a week, and haven't even gotten a response in months.

The DNC list is only effective against legitimate organizations because the only weapon it has are fines. Most of the spam calls I get are credit card scams, free cruise scams, etc. These people are already committing fraud, so DNC fines aren't going to deter them.

I believe I read that many phone spammers are based outside the US now and so have no concern with US law compliance. They just spoof US based caller ID numbers.

Same here. I own about 50 domains and I've not had privacy on many of them. My Google voice number, which is also my business number, is listed on these domain contacts and I get more spam phone calls than regular calls on that.

Most of the calls are from "one way funding" and "this is shelly, your local yahoo and google listings specialist."

Introduce Shelly to Lenny:


Same shit here. Didn't realize Google voice was the compromised source.

Same, with lots of hang-up [automated?] calls. They die after a few rings and never leave voice mail, unless it's voice mail with silence only.

Kaiser also leaves me voicemails in English and Spanish, and sometime waits for me to press a number. Very annoying.

Odd; at my all-time highest, I would get maybe one a week. My wife gets at least one a week.

Cell or landline?

I've had a Google (Voice) number for... hard to even say now, 8 years? And i.. well, i think i've only gotten a few calls to that number, ever.

In fact, i have a normal cell number (i don't link my google and cell provider numbers), and i get texted spam to it maybe twice a year, but i can't recall anything really.. ever, to my Google number.

To my knowledge i don't have any anti-spam settings enabled on Google Voice (though, they do exist). I wonder what the root cause for this is?

I often forget that "in this day and age", call spam is still an issue.


I haven't had a landline since we got one in college, in the early 2000's, mostly because it came free with the internet service, and I was going to plug in an answering machine with amusing messages.

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