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The article highlights several contributions of Smalltalk to CS, but here's a few more:

David Ungar and Randall Smith, originally at Xerox PARC, then Stanford, designed Self, a prototype-based dynamic JITted Smalltalk dialect. In 1991 they joined Sun Microsystems, where Self kept being developed.

In 1994, Urs Hölzle at Stanford wrote a better compiler for Self. He was approached by Dave Griswold, who wrote a paper in 1993 with Gilad Bracha titled 'Strongtalk: Typechecking Smalltalk in a Production Environment', and together with Lars Bak the four of them started a company to commercialize Strongtalk. They were acquihired by Sun in 1997.

Together, the Self and Strongtalk teams' work resulted in the HotSpot VM for Java in 1999.

- David Ungar went on to be a member of the 'Dynamic Optimization Group' at IBM Research.

- Randall Smith now works at the 'Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization Group' at Oracle Labs.

- Urs Hölzle was one of Google's first hires and its first VP of Engineering and significantly shaped the company.

- Lars Bak joined Google in 2004 and went on to design the V8 runtime and Dart.

- Gilad Bracha went on to co-author much of the Java Language Specification and the Java VM Specification, then started a company to design the language Newspeak, and now works at Google on Dart.

- Dave Griswold continued to develop Strongtalk well into the 2000s, but I can't find any current info on him. If you know what he's up to these days, let me know!

Thank you for this! I learned something today. I shall have to post this in the Comment section of the article.

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