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A friend of mine has a daughter who really enjoys http://girlsmakegames.com/

http://makezine.com/ and the http://makerfaire.com/ have done a great job with a community that encourages kids with a variety of interests.

http://www.meetup.com/ is great for finding people in your area who want to geek out together over something in common.

I don't have great book recommendations other than https://www.amazon.com/Manga-Guide-Databases-Mana-Takahashi/... Read the customer reviews. I'm a greybeard and I enjoyed it and lend it out to my friends. The publishers https://www.nostarch.com/ have lots of similar books.

Just showed Girls Make Games to my 14 year old daughter and all she said was how condescending...

Everything re girls in technology is condescending.

Trying to think how to correct your typo without appearing condescending ;)

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