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Yeah. You're right that even classes allow for great amount of dynamics. I've seen classes with decorator annotation and decorator can change classes as much as it wants. I've also seen patterns like:

class Foo {... }

// then, after class definition

Foo.A = X;

Foo.B = Y;


So... it seems that every try to make JS more static is doomed to fail... Because people will still use it in dynamic way...

Not sure how to solve this problem. Maybe we really need tooling that would run code in sandbox instead of analysing it via AST (but how to sandbox e.g. NodeJS code that interacts with file system or MongoDB? Mocking everything? Or make complete dev environments/virtual machines with NodeJS code running in it?)

(Maybe I overengineer solution ideas in my head, but I think proper tooling support is important for modern web development. It hurts me when I have to learn new large JS codebase and IDE is not helping)

> That's why a lot of React people are using flow, and a lot of Angular people are using TypeScript.

I don't like the idea of defining types for everything but maybe it's the solution (I'm not sure because I have too little experience with TypeScript to judge).

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