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Ask HN: Who's hiring?
154 points by mncaudill on March 24, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 193 comments
There have been a few "who's hiring?" threads in the past and I'm curious if those hiring would be interested in adding to another. I think the last one was up almost a month and a half ago, so I'm sure the job landscape has changed over that time.

On a completely self-plugging note, as of this past Monday, my company downsized so if anyone is need of a good web developer, drop me a line!

I'd just like to post a friendly reminder before this thread fills up with a lot of posts. Please post your location, or if the job(s) in question can be done remotely, specify so - it makes things much easier.

In the spirit of making things easier, it would be great if you could also post how open you are to qualified applicants from other countries and what help you can provide, if any, with visas/citizenship.

This might seem like a fringe request, but I am sure there a quite a few awesome, available developers willing to actually relocate to a neighboring country (Canada/USA & vice versa, is pretty frequent AFAIK) to tackle an interesting opportunity.

I, for one, wouldn't mind relocating to the US (from Canada) if I liked the opportunity/challenge/team. I have no problem finding job openings for which I am qualified and interested in, but applying usually ends up being a waste of time for both parties when it is not clear whether or not it is possible.

Seriously, if you are open to it, don't keep it a secret! Help us find you! :)

Where is the app around this post? I've always thought it would be interesting to have some social network way to know about jobs via friends and previous co-workers. LinkedIn has never really done much for me and it seems you have to be more proactive there.

Every month the thread comes up, and every month I mention a website I work with my friend, http://job4dev.com

We put together a job board and a company database, so that people can see about the listings and have information about the company. Each listing page and company page works as a wiki, and can be edited to improve information about. Also, each page has a comment area in order to improve communication between job seekers, recruiters, and people who already work at the given company.

I'm pretty close to finish the section where people can build their resumes and list past experiences, education, and such. http://job4dev.com/my/resume

What else do we do? We have a twitter profile @job4dev (http://twitter.com/job4dev), custom RSS feeds, mailing lists. The fundamental features of this "app" you want are there.

All of this is free. The website is far from perfect, but our biggest problem right now is breaking the chicken-and-egg nature of a job site.

This is a side-project for now, the moment we get traction I can see myself jumping more into it to fix these smaller issues and bringing more features at a faster pace. For now I think all I'll be able to do is to use this monthly thread to do a shameless plug and tell of what's new. (Last month, for instance, we had no resume builder).

Let me know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated.

We're a social gaming startup with some pretty decent traction (http://apps.facebook.com/happyhabitat , > 500K monthly uniques) and funding. We're looking for an awesome software engineer who is or wants to work on any part of the product. Job posting here: http://jobs.zipzapplay.com/

We're looking for someone full time and on site in San Francisco, CA.

Shoot me a line if you know someone who's looking. Specific skill set/languages is less important than just a kick ass software engineer. curt [at] zipzapplay.com

Check out CareerElement.com; we will be bringing all kinds of new innovation to the job space. We will be launching in April.

We are an angel funded Stanford/Google startup.

And we are hiring: http://www.careerelement.com/index/software

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Can you tell us more about your startup? How does it work? I've always thought it would be interesting to move the word of mouth job knowledge to a software tool. I know all the jobs we have open at my company and my friends know their open jobs. Why not share these openly either anonymously or via your friend network. Show who's moving where and what they're doing now in some easy to digest format.

This looks like a great opportunity. The product management looks very interesting, but I think you might be looking for more experience. Anyway to meld some of those responsibilities with a business intern position for a very hungry new grad with a take charge attitude?

SSi Micro is hiring great hackers. Know C pretty well, be great at one high-level language (Python, PHP, whatever), be a quick learner (and we mean quick), and then come and be a propellerhead at our awesome, small company.


We're a little company based in Yellowknife, the capital city of the Northwest Territories. We deliver broadband satellite internet to 61 of the most remote communities on earth, and now that our network's up and running (although we're investing heavily in upgrading it), we're busy building great software for our customers, optimized specifically for our unique network.

Yellowknife's not as cold as you think, and the 24-hours-of-daylight summers are not to be missed.

If you're interested and game, we'll make an offer really easy to accept: We'll get and pay for your apartment, a car if you need it, and pay you atop that. We'll do all that for up to three months while you evaluate us and the north, so that it's risk- and hassle-free for you to come to a really great, unique company in an awesome little city.

Email: stephenw@ssimicro.com

What kind of internet service do you have in Yellowknife itself?

Great question. Thankfully, we have a terrestrial link from down south all the way up to the Knife, so we have decent access. I say "decent" and not "amazing" because our bandwidth isn't anything like it is in some bigger markets down south, but it's totally reasonable for most stuff I find. (There's no buffering for Youtube or most streaming video websites, Divx movies need some time to buffer, usual throughput at home is around 300 kb/s down 100 kb/s up, at the office it's a couple megabits, enough to never have to wait for anything.)

I guess this means we don't do too much dogfooding, but our lives would be a lot more difficult if we did.

RethinkDB in Mountain View, CA: looking for system and performance engineers. Interns also welcome. More details here: http://www.rethinkdb.com/jobs

Here's a quick blurb from our jobs page:

Working at RethinkDB truly involves disruptive technology and solving interesting, challenging problems. Building caching algorithms, advanced data structures, and lock-free concurrency primitives from scratch is just business as usual here.

While everyone at RethinkDB has the determination to move heaven and earth to succeed, we prefer to get stuff done quickly and go home to our families, instead of living our lives in the office. As an additional perk to our employees, we work very hard to hire only self-motivated people smarter than ourselves.

That's kind of nice that you post your salary ranges online, but do you really think you'll get quality engineers for those salaries?

Position Salary Stock Options Intern 50K - 60K, prorated N/A Engineer I 65K - 75K 0.25% - 0.75% Engineer II 80K - 90K 1.0% - 1.5% Engineer III 95K - 105K 1.75% - 2.25%

For interns, that's a great salary, but your senior engineers will probably expect 1.5 times that.

If stock options are part of the deal, my understanding is that generally the more senior your position, higher the ratio of options to salary and the bigger pay cut you are expected to take.

I'd like to see this kind of post every month, how about the first monday of every month?

A lot of hackers are looking for jobs and a lot of entrepreneurs are also hiring.

Perfect match!

- Jobs HN: We are hiring

- Jobs HN: We are available

One for entrepreneurs to post their openings.

One for hackers to post their availability and skills.

I know we already have HN jobs, but this may be an informal way for HN readers and contributors, and who knows, it may grow to be part of our community.

...and HN jobs seems to be limited to Ycomb founded startups.

I guess he's talking about post title prefixes.

Jobs HN: We are available seems like a great idea.

Mozilla is hiring! Hard core C++, webdev, IT, QA, marketing, internships, you name it.


HQ in downtown Mountain View, CA, but we have offices in Toronto, New Zealand, Paris, Tokyo and Beijing. Great benefits, extremely challenging projects (scaling web services to 350+ million users, optimizing our JS engine, making Firefox mobile fast on phones).

We're even getting telepresence robots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/seannyelite/4458404134/in/photo...

My wife bought me a Firefox laptop bag a few years ago. I've had some people mistake me for a Firefox developer and thank me for my work, so I have to correct their mistake and explain it's just my way of supporting their favorite browser too. After all that it's always been a dream of mine to work on Firefox, but I've always felt too busy and intimidated by the size of the project to contribute on my own.

Perhaps this is my chance to finally earn the ability to say, "thank you," to those people on the train.

Please don't be intimidated! You can help a little or a lot.

Check out http://www.mozilla.org/contribute/ . You can write code (websites, Firefox, and more), find bugs, offer support, localize, etc.

Hop on irc.mozilla.org and join a channel that you're interested in if you want to talk to someone.

We are. Based in Clerkenwell, London; no remote working, I'm afraid.

We're Timetric, and we're looking for Unix hackers into Python and statistics - http://timetric.com/biz/jobs/ - and we closed our seed round today (http://eu.techcrunch.com/2010/03/24/timetric-closes-seed-fun...).

Our officemates are hiring too. Picklive (http://football.picklive.com/) do real-time fantasy football, also closed a round of funding today (http://eu.techcrunch.com/2010/03/24/real-time-social-sports-...) and they're after Rails ninjas - http://football.picklive.com/jobs

We're both based in an awesome space just north of the Square Mile in London - photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/picklive/sets/72157623553354863... - and both companies have some investors in common, including Stefan Glaenzer, the former exec chairman of last.fm.

Bump is hiring iPhone developers, Android developers (exp in Android or consumer Java apps), and Data/Algorithm Eng (either exp mining data to improve QoS or background in Stats/Phys/Exp Sci/EE). More: http://bu.mp/jobs. We are also hiring interns. Feel free to email me if you have questions: jake(at)bu.mp.

About us: Bump is changing the way people interact with each other. Our technology makes it quick and easy to connect two phones, simply bump them into each other. We created the Bump app on iPhone and Android which nearly 11M people have downloaded to share contact information, photos, and compare mutual friends (seen here in an Apple commercial: http://bit.ly/8FbXGi). We have also released an API/SDK that lets anyone add bumping to their app in ~9 lines of code (http://bu.mp/api) and is used by PayPal to bump money (http://nyti.ms/bSnztr). And there is a lot more on its way. Bump is backed by Sequoia Capital, Ron Conway, and Y Combinator.

Located in Mountain View, CA near the Caltrain. Competitive salary/options/benefits.

Dark Horse Comics is hiring UI and Python/Django backend web developers:



We're launching 2-3 new substantial web projects this year, and need some great hackers to help us.

We're based in Milwaukie, OR -- just a couple of minutes south of Portland. On-site strongly preferred, but c'mon, you know you've been wanting to move to Portland anyway...

We're adding to our team at http://www.covermymeds.com. This product is about a year old and has significant revenue. Our major effort is building our API and a real-time processing system. Looking for thoughtful pros, not egos and code ninjas. Mostly Python, working with a talented team.

Parent company: http://www.innova-partners.com/main/developers. We have virtually no turnover and treat people with respect.

Contact mscantland at covermymeds dot com.

Edit: Columbus, Ohio

I know a good Python hacker in Raleigh, NC. Healthcare is big here. What about remote?

Sorry, locals or willing to move only for these positions. We do have a remote employee, but I wouldn't want to do it unless the dev started off local

Just wondering, do you attend Cohpy?

Could be wrong, but don't think anyone at Innova is involved with Cohpy. We contribute at OWASP (both corporate and time), and have been a big supporter of PHPMeetup in the past.

We'll give Cohpy a look.

Gilt Groupe in New York City is hiring. Remote working is a possibility.

We host daily sales of heavily discounted designer fashion and luxury goods, which presents a unique set of technical challenges: hundreds of thousands of customers competing for a very limited selection of inventory at the same time.

We have specific openings for interns, UI/UX designers, sysadmins, DBAs, senior QA, and platform engineers listed at gilt.com/company/careers, but we're always interested in hearing from great people regardless of the position.

We have scaled a base of Rails + Postgres using heavy caching and a services layer written in Java. A major focus in upcoming months will be individual personalization. The team is fun, dedicated, and capable.

Feel free to email me with questions: amanfredi@gilt.com

Sign up to check out the site at http://www.gilt.com/amanfredi

LinkedIn is hiring: http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=jobs_open. I was actually hired as a result of the last Who's hiring? thread and have really enjoyed it so far. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about working here.

I'll just add that we (LinkedIn) are a JVM shop. Amongst our weaponry are: java, scala, other intriguing languages, hadoop, voldemort, OS X dev boxes (with scads of memory), lots of perks and fun projects.

We also have many open source projects to work on: http://sna-projects.com

We are located in Mountain View, nestled in amongst the sprawling Google surroundings.

LinkedIn is a great place for web developers (front-end) as well. In 7 years our team has only lost one due to chrun, the rest all still work here. Feel free to reach out if you are interested. http://www.linkedin.com/in/scott

What's your contact information?

You can reach me at AtomicForce@gmail.com or jhartman@linkedin.com. I joined this team: http://sna-projects.com/sna/ This team specifically has open sourced a lot and there's a lot of info there if you're interested, though obviously LinkedIn has many more openings beyond that team.

Need some hardcore data people at Sunlight Labs in DC. If you're a data scientist, we need you. If you want to free the world from Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann, drop me a line.

Do you have any contact info or email?

We're Hiring Developers (we are very open to remote work, as we are all working 'remotely'):

Project: Something disruptive that will change the way software is developed.

Tech: We are developing with Python & Google App Engine.

Team background: Founding investor, Napster; pioneer in social networking (from 2001); previously raised almost $4MM for past startup

Project status: already in private beta

Reqs: Python/GAE experience not necessary if you learn quickly and can show past projects. Especially interested in folks with 1 or more of the following:

- Excellent math/algorithmic abilities

- Excellent sense for consumer Internet usability

- Solid productive programming chops

- Orientation towards A/B (/multivariate) testing

- Customer Development Process experience

- Experience in social media development

We are looking to add team members who can rapidly become seriously productive and want to create applications for use by tens and hundreds of millions of users.

We currently have team members in North American and Indian timezones.

We will be raising funding from our personal network of successful tech entrepreneurs soon.

Hiring a contract PHP dev who knows Facebook and Twitter really, really well. (Chicago, Illinois)

Here's us: http://www.windycitizen.com - A bootstrapped, local, social network recently named one of Chicago's "New Essentials" by TimeOut Chicago Magazine. We're going places. Looking for someone to come in and help crack the Twitter/FB nut. How do we best integrate with these two services?

e-mail's in my profile page.

Hey guys, we're looking for a PHP developer.

Work from anywhere: Yes (Provided you're willing and able to connect with the rest of the team during daylight hours (we're sprinkled all over the place in Canada and the USA.

To apply, send me an email at aaronwondermill.com (you put in the @, my name is Aaron) or solve the puzzle at http://www.wondermill.com/developer.html ;)

kaChing is hiring in Palo Alto, CA (on-site only). Looking for backend, frontend, and interns. We're extremely engineering-driven and have a 5-minute commit-to-production cycle. Our CEO says it well:

"[We're disrupting] the mutual fund market, a $10-Trillion industry that has seen no innovation in the past 25 years. The only way to disrupt an industry is to break with conventional wisdom, so we specifically are not looking for people with financial backgrounds. That's why we're the first company to apply an open-source philosophy to improve the process of choosing an investment manager."

By open-source philosophy he means radical transparency and pay-for-convenience; think about if any investments you have come anywhere close to this.

Are you looking for business/marketing types are just engineers?

Fluther (http://fluther.com/) is hiring an operations engineer: http://fluther.theresumator.com/apply/fy2tOt/

We're building something brand new, incredibly challenging, and very exciting and this is your chance take something complex and setup the perfect environment for it (if you've ever wanted to do try that…). We're a Python/Django shop, we're in San Francisco and this isn't a remote job.

Fluther is funded by Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, Ron Conway, Naval Ravikant, and Dave McClure, and we're advised by Biz Stone (Twitter) and Leonard Speiser (Bix).

Blurb is hiring!

Want to work in a great environment with great people making a great product? We're a print-on-demand publisher with an emphasis on high-quality products and great user experiences.

Almost any time I'm in a group I'll tell people I work here, and someone will get excited and tell me about their book they made with us. It's really great to see how passionate our users get, and that's a nice change from other development jobs I've had. :)

We're in SF. The development jobs are Ruby on Rails, but we have lots of other non-dev job openings also.


[Easthampton, MA] Atalasoft has an opening for a .NET developer. We're considering developers from 2-3 years experience or much more. The more senior, the more of a match we'd want with the following technologies:

- Web Development generally (HTML/CSS/JavaScript + deep understanding of how the web works)

- Ajax (any framework, but we use ExtJs and our own)

- .NET (especially ASP.NET)

- Sharepoint

- Document Imaging (scanning, processing, etc)

How to apply: Send me your resume and a cover letter highlighting your qualifications [lou <dot> franco <at> atalasoft <dot> com]

Learn more about us at: http://atalasoft.com

http://hoth.entp.com/2010/3/23/we-re-hiring-2 (Portland, Oregon)

Good timing. ENTP (Lighthouse bug tracker + Tender support) posted some Ruby on Rails job listings last night. We're a small team of 10 employees, located in downtown Portland.

Twilio, the cloud communications company, is hiring!

We're a venture-backed startup located in downtown San Francisco, and all roles are for in our SF office, except for our developer evangelist. This is great timing, because we just launched our jobs page: http://www.twilio.com/company/jobs

We're a quirky group, but if working on mission critical communications technology delivered in self-service pay-as-you-go style sounds good to you, please drop us a note or just drop by the office to say hi.

What about internships for the upcoming summer?

WOTI in Washingon DC is hiring. No Remote.

Over 20 open positions.

Active Top Secret security clearance preferred.

Qualified to obtain a security clearance required.

BS in Computer Science or similar required.

- 5 weeks vacation after one year.

- relocation assistance.

Submit resume to woti.com/jobs.cfm

Benefits: woti.com/benefits.cfm

Academia.edu is hiring: http://www.academia.edu/jobs

We're currently hacking a lot of cutting-edge technology like Node.js and Redis to scale the site up, and we're looking for some really talented engineers to help us out.

Based in San Francisco.

IPTEGO, in Berlin (Germany), is looking for python, javascript and C developers to work on a VoIP monitoring product. Experience in those languages is not strictly needed as long as you are willing to learn. We can support you with the relocation, and Berlin is a very nice city :-). http://www.iptego.com/jobs/ (but don't worry about the list of acronyms from there)

please let me know if the position is still open at my email address david.j.erik@gmail.com. I have extensive experience in python, and C/C++ and I'm going to relocate soon to Berlin because of my girl-friend.

Thank you


Craigslist is hiring frontend/backend hackers in San Francisco with the following background:

machine learning (spam detection)


mysql, redis

UI / javascript

perl / some C

my mail : pablo @ "company name" . org

TripAdvisor is hiring in Newton (near Boston). We have interviews that make people either sad (because they're hard) or very, very happy (because it is fun to be challenged).

My team is working on making money using social apps in a real, sustainable way. It's way, way cool. And you get to walk around saying things like "a billion pins" and "Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you want to see?"

ps. no remote, sorry.

Peter Norvig said that he was excited about Google because that's where the biggest data is. TripAdvisor's got a billion points of data about where people travel, and it's growing crazy fast, and it's really exciting to work with.

My team is working on one of the most JS-heavy apps I've ever seen (Gmail being the exception). I'd highly recommend tossing us a resume.

My team works in PHP or Java (though we don't care too much about particular languages, we just want you to rock). We're looking for full-timers and interns.

Toss me a resume at bkrausz AT tripadvisor DOT com, I'll be sure to pass it along to sanj if I don't want to steal you for my team ;-).

Knowmore in New York City is hiring! http://knowmore.com/

We are a 20 person startup with full funding in the social news space.

We have several positions open. In particular, I'm looking for awesome R&D hackers to work on fun problems.

Ping me for details: wes@knowmore.com


(on-site only for now)

1) Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab 2) MIT Lincoln Lab (If you have/will have an advanced degree in signal processing, or applied math in general)

Snaptic is hiring (https://snaptic.com), we hack on iPhone / Android / Web / API.

2 million+ active installs on Android. We speak scala, Obj-C, JS, and python.

Tools we are hacking with these days: avro, MongoDB, Google Closure

Please shoot me an email at hn@snaptic.com

We are based in South Park, SF

Dolby in Santa Clara needs an erlanger/javascripter/mongodb type who's also not afraid of perl either:


For fastest service, DM me @f00biebletch or email f00biebletch@gmail.com.

Yell Labs in London, UK are hiring.

We're going to be based on Grays Inn Road just up from Chancery Lane (Central Line). Future-tense as we get the building on April 16th. No remote working initially, not closed to it permanently though.

It's a R&D lab and we are looking for quite a few people. JVM is dominant and whilst Java and Spring are likely to form the basis of any web service platform we're open to clojure, groovy and other stuff elsewhere and of course various devices mean that there will be other stuff around (for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, TV widgets, etc).

We are really looking for talented people with a lot of potential and passion for what they do... but then I guess everyone is.

Ping a gmail to david.kitchen and I'll put you in touch with the hiring people.

Cool, really close to us! Silicon Roundabout is crawling westwards.

It's firmly on the hipster highway already. I suspect the Golden Mile is defined from Condor Cycles to Hoxton Square... so we're both at one end, and people like Songkick are at the other end.

We should all set up a permanent residence at the end of the week somewhere like the Slaughtered Lamb (neutral ground, half way betwix everyone). Would be good to really feed off each other in that way.

Sounds like a plan. Who's around here? Songkick, Timetric, Smarkets, Picklive, rjdj, Rummble, Technovated, you guys at Yell Labs, BERG, RIG/Newspaper Club, Trampoline Systems, Resolver Systems... sure there are loads I'm forgetting too.

Last.fm and Moo are right on teh roundabout, though you're probably just referring to startups.

Chapel Hill, NC: These guys are hiring. Not a bad place to work. Their product has a lot of potential to be applied in markets which it is not currently.


Bluekai (http://www.bluekai.com) is hiring distributed systems, UI and general web dev - C++ and java, hadoop, cassandra. We're in the south bay next to apple, no remote. ping me - dk at bluekai

Bizo (http://bizo.com) is hiring a Web/UI/UX Designer in downtown San Francisco. Essentially, we need someone to own design and usability for everything we do. Full description here: http://bit.ly/adbvhQ

Bizo is a year and a half old and already profitable. In December, we closed a $6 million round from Bessemer Venture Partners and placed second in the Amazon Web Services Startup Challenge. We have ~17 people (7 engineers) across the country, and we'll be moving our SF headquarters into a new space (Commercial & Sansome) next week.

If interested, drop me a line: mike@bizo.com

LShift in London is always looking for talents! (and interns)

http://www.lshift.net/recruitment.html http://www.lshift.net/blog

What we value above everything else is the right combination of skill, enthusiasm and imagination. Generally speaking, programming is something you either enjoy or you don't. There are people who program because they find it stimulating and intellectually challenging, and then there are those who program only because they have worked out that it pays well. The former are the ones we want to hire.

Location: Europe/London/Hoxton

Remote: no

About the above jobs:

San Francisco, CA strongly preferred but remote candidates considered. We use LAMP (PHP) + Javascript + various other tools.

Wikimedia Foundation is the organization behind Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. The above job(s) are related to our fundraising efforts. Do you like money? We should hang out.

In general, we're always looking for people who like: free knowledge, free software, web standards, large scale deployments, usability, smart generalists, saving the world, the A-team, and working at the only top 10 website whose entire paid technical staff can fit around a couple of tables in a Chinese restaurant.

We're looking for two entry-level developers who know their stuff but need to get some professional experience on their resume. While continuing to add features to our CRM, we're also going through a big push to refactor a lot of older code in to clean, readable code.

We're located in King of Prussia, PA which isn't too far outside of Philadelphia.

For more info, check out http://remindermedia.com/careers/index.php?state=PA or email me directly at jcampbell at remindermedia dot com

Mixpanel (YCS09) is hiring developers and enterprise sales/biz dev. We're based in Mountain View, CA.

Further info: http://mixpanel.com/jobs, jobs@mixpanel.com

Is there anymore info on the sales/biz development positions?

We don't have a listing for it up on the jobs page yet, but please email us at jobs@mixpanel.com if you're interested.

NYC - Onsite

We are a pre-launch mobile payments startup with a unique twist on how we think payments should work.

iPhone/Android developers - looking for people with experience shipping products on these platforms. Familiarity with crypto/networking/sqlite would be awesome.

Systems Architects/App Developers - building high availability backend applications, integrations with financial institutions, messaging backends, etc.

We are very early stage, if you want to have a significant impact in the place where you work and you think banking/payment is broken, please get in touch.

Email: jake@zipmark.com

Citrix is hiring in Cambrige, UK. Drop me a line at matthias.goergens@gmail.com, if you want know more.

We are at the forefront of virtualization, and almost all our products are open source (GPL). We use a variety of languages (including Ocaml, C and Python; Haskell coming soon). And you can come to work at 10 AM (or later).

You might also want to have a look at http://www.citrix.com/English/aboutCitrix/employment/feature...

In Atlanta, we're looking for a developer with Java, Spring MVC, and jQuery to join our team for a new product launch. Drop me a line if you're interested or know of someone who might be.

You can take over my current position in Minneapolis working on ASP.NET MVC for a startup project within the company: http://jobs.stackoverflow.com/default.asp?6506

Or you can come work with me at my new job at Twilio in Downtown San Fran, which has some amazing things coming out soon: http://twilio.jobscore.com/list (not listed yet is a Product/Project Manager position)

Just from that brief bit of information, I'll venture to say congratulation are in order!

Thanks! Can't wait to start.

Application in! And congratulations to you on your new position.

[New York | on-site]

I'm a partner at Arc90 (http://arc90.com) in New York. We design and build compelling web applications for customers and clients. You may be familiar with some of our lab tools such as Readability or TBuzz.

We're a small firm which has a dual business model of consulting with long-term client/partners and building and selling our own products, such as Kindling (http://kindlingapp.com).

We're a bunch of people who love the web, love creating exceptional user experiences, and love learning and using new techniques and technologies. The company was founded to create a fun place to do interesting work, which remains a core value to this day.

Everyone at Arc90 is encouraged to contribute to our blog and our labs and to contribute to Open Source projects when possible.

We're looking for designers, developers, and sysadmins with a passion for excellence and a yearning to collaboratively build and ship compelling user experiences.

Some technologies we're working with now or may be working with soon:

* jQuery * PHP * Java * Flex * Scala * JSON * Groovy * XML * MySQL * C# * REST * Restlet * Zend Framework * Memcached * Spring * CouchDB/Mongo/Redis/Cassandra/HBase/Voldemort (TBD) * OCR * Lucene/Sphinx/? (TBD)

If you're a designer, developer, or sysadmin interested in working at Arc90, please send a short note to avif+hnjobs@arc90.com — I look forward to hearing from you!

Kickstarter's looking for a talented Rails developer in NYC (or willing to move). More about the job: http://blog.kickstarter.com/post/466172121/kickstarter-is-hi...

We're a crowdfunding startup that's changing how people fund creative projects. http://kickstarter.com/

HN members can email me directly, andy at kickstarter.com.

[Cambridge, MA] Demiurge Studios is where I work. We're a 40-man game development shop working on some well-known titles as well as some new ones. We have some really good people, and lots of C++ work to be done. (We're also hiring designers and artists)

No remote, I don't think, but commute by public transport (Boston T) is easy.

http://www.demiurgestudios.com/?jobs Ping me if you apply.

Google is hiring all over.

When applying to Google, can you apply to specific teams, or do you get placed where they think you would be the best fit?


You can apply for specific jobs with specific teams. That does not mean you'll wind up in that job if hired. However you have a lot of say in where you eventually get placed.

I personally interviewed for a software developer position, but eventually wound up being hired as a site reliability engineer. (An SRE is sort of a cross between a sysadmin and software developer.) Pretty big shift, but not one I was unhappy about.

I've just been hired, and haven't yet been placed with a team. I believe that's typical.

Congratulations on your new position. Could you give any insight on the interview process?

It was long. The entire thing took almost two months, and about three weeks passed after my final on-site interview before I heard anything definitive, though there were a number of intermediate steps in between.

My recruiter was really helpful. He kept in touch with me throughout the process, and let me know each time I passed a milestone. I've spent the last four years in a C# shop, and most of the interviewers he found for me had some background in C#. It ended up not really mattering, since most of the whiteboard problems only required pseudocode, but I definitely appreciated the effort.

The questions were pretty much all data structure and algorithms. I wrote a lot of code on the whiteboard (or in Google Docs for my phone interview), and was asked to justify my choice of data structure, and explain what sort of dataset would make it a poor choice. Upon finishing my solution, which was usually for a very contrived problem, I was sometimes asked to figure out a real-life situation where it would be useful.

I'm happy to have made it through, and am looking forward to starting my new job, but I do wonder a little bit about the interview process. I spent the last four years shipping a number of fairly substantial desktop applications, and have also been reasonably active in the Clojure community, and neither of these came up once after my initial conversation with my recruiter.

It's possible that my resume said everything that was necessary on that subject, but it also seems possible that neither of those things mattered very much compared to my grasp of CS theory. I don't mind much one way or another, but it's a kind of funny that I can come out the other side of the process, and still not have much insight into their hiring criteria.

Anyways, hope that helps. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask, though I can't guarantee I'll be able to answer.

This is great. Thanks for spending the time to type this up! It does sound like a very involved process.

I got an email from Google's Recruiters, and went through a similar process, unfortunately I did not make it to the in person interview at the Google campus.

I did have 5 different phone interviews for three different positions. With questions ranging from software engineering, to system administrator.

I was really nervous, especially since I am just out of college and that may have led to my downfall. On my second phone interview the interviewer was hard to understand, lot of line noise, and he seemed to not understand me. I got all the different programming languages I know mixed up together into a bad psuedo code. This was my first over the phone programming questions.

My second phone interview that contained programming went really well, the interviewer had done some reading on what I was into and helped me calm down and feel at ease. I got my programming right, got what I needed down on paper (Google Docs), and thought I did pretty well.

Emailed both interviewers afterwards to thank them for their time, the guy from the second phone interview, which also happened to be my last, got back to me hoping that I would get to work together with him.

http://phonebooth.com is hiring in Raleigh/Durham, NC:

  * User Interface Designer/Developer
    * Heavy jQuery. Some PHP/Kohana. A little Erlang.
    * Lots of XMPP. Lots of REST.
    * OpenID. OAuth.

  * Other openings, too.

How important are the UI design skills? I can build about anything you could imagine, but, probably like most engineers, my design skills leave something to be desired.

Tell Brian Carney I said hi :)

We're definitely hiring! isocket is just south of San Francisco and literally right next to the Burlingame Caltrain station.


We need a web developer and a platform engineer. We're small (6 people), working on something cool, have a small and growing set of initial customers (Techcrunch was our first) and a nice long invite list of people knocking to get in.

Don't forget the perks: Booze & cookies. =)

And fried chicken and dirty earbuds!

Great opportunity for the right people! One of the few funded and small early stage groups in SF right now...

We have an opening for a junior or intermediate Ops engineer at CBS Interactive in San Francisco (on-site).

You'd be supporting the Gamespot, Gamefaqs, and Metacritic production, dev, staging, and load testing environments (as well as some Business Intelligence sites related to the video gaming industry).

Linux/NetApp/scripting/Redis/MySQL/Varnish/Memcached/Gearman/LAMP/mod_rewrite/CDN/Jira... that sort of thing.

Email: gml-ops@cnet.com

Vimeo is hiring backend and frontend devs, a DBA, and a designer. You have to be in NYC.


Twitter is hiring all kinds of engineers at all levels, http://twitter.com/jobs and @jointheflock has info. Located downtown San Francisco, we're about 150 people now and growing pretty fast. Looking for everything from front-end engineers to infrastructure, performance, storage engineers and more.

Flurry's hiring Java developers in San Francisco or New York City. Mobile application development experience a plus (especially iPhone or Android), Hadoop experience a big plus. We could also use a great ops guy.

http://flurry.com or just e-mail me - greg at the domain you'd expect it to be at.

HiiDef, Inc is based on the US East Coast. All work is done remotely. Our listings are available at - http://jobs.hiidef.com/

We recently launched a product - http://flavors.me/ - and we're looking for talented Python developers.

HiiDef is a consumer web incubator - this means we work on several products simultaneously. We're a distributed team of ten who value independence and communication. It's my job to make sure everyone has the tools and resources they need, but otherwise how and when they choose to work is up to them. We put a strong emphasis on balance and believe an environment based on trust and mutual respect is the best way to build a company.

Flavors.me is profitable on a day-to-day operating basis, and the company has an initial round of funding.

You can email me at johnwehr@hiidef.com if you'd like to hear more.

Palantir Technologies (http://www.palantir.com) is hiring for various technical positions in Palo Alto and for business development positions in NYC. On-site only. Contact me if you're interested: http://bit.ly/aJiAWP

The Democratic National Committee / Organizing for America is looking for paid summer Innovation Lab Fellows to work on software for political organizing and realizing President Obama's vision for change.


Summer positions are in Washington, DC

Klicknation Inc, for which I am a product manager, is hiring.

Our flagship product is Superhero City, a Facebook game. You may wonder if a Facebook game can support a whole (small) company, and my answer would be a resounding 'yes'.

So if you love games and you're willing to work in Sacramento, CA, you should send us a resume.

Our next game, another Facebook RPG, will feature some really cool stuff that nobody has ever done before on Facebook.

We don't officially have any openings right now, but if your resume is good I will personally bother our CEO until you at least get an interview.



Email resumes to me at aaron@klicknation.com and I will forward them to the appropriate people. Make sure to mention Hacker News so I know the resume is not completely unsolicited.


Need a RoR developer in South Africa, preferably Johannesburg. Remote work may be possible if you're elsewhere in the country. E-mail is in my profile.

You'd be working on http://www.simplepay.co.za - South African online payroll system. Equity possibilities depend on salary.

Metaweb (San Francisco) is hiring


systems programming, C, ml, python

TinyPrints is hiring in Mountain View (onsite). We're looking for LAMP experts (P stands for PHP). We have exciting projects in the social network areas, distributed system development and platform areas (MongoDB/Cassandra), CMS and many others. Apply at BeAStar@tinyprints.com

Say hi to Tanya for me!

San Mateo, CA -- Caring.com is hiring a full-time, on site, Senior Software Developer

We are a really fun team to work with, just acquired our series B round of funding, Agile development/product team, Work with Ruby and Rails, looks for people who really strive to produce great consumer experiences (front-end skills a massive plus)

You should: have 3+ years of rails experience (less if you have more experience in a different language, like python or java), 4+ years of HTML/CSS/JavaScript experience (knowledge of or willingness to learn HAML/SASS a huge plus), should know your way around UNIX systems, etc etc.

read the job description here and apply! http://www.caring.com/about/senior-developer.html

In NYC (or anywhere, remotely) - looking for with experience in PHP/CodeIgniter, jQuery, Compass/SASS, MongoDB - and have a good UI sense - flexible/freelance OK - email me - lee at http://sawhorsemedia.com/

Mandalorian is looking for Penetration Testers and Reverse Engineers (http://www.mandalorian.com/) in the UK. The office is based in Reading, but remote working is an option for the right people.

Kansas City:

River City Studio is looking for a LAMP developer. We were a design studio, are currently a web studio, are now evolving into a web app studio.


Milwaukee, WI: http://www.harqen.com is looking for a Java dev. Ping Kris@HarQen.com if interested.

Must as good with Java as Indiana Jones (Raiders version) or Jason Bourne are at being awesome.

SideReel is looking for an experienced Agile Java guru (beard optional) to join our team as a web software engineer.

Check out our full posting here: http://www.sidereel.com/_us/jobs

SideReel is a great place to work. We are a small well-established start-up located on the top floor of an old brick office building south of Market Street in San Francisco. We offer competitive salaries, great vacation time, significant equity and paid benefits. Come join a fast-growing web site with millions of users that aims to be the center of the online TV world!

Fuel Industries, we're a game dev / advergaming shop focused mostly on social games at the moment.

We're looking for web developers that like big jobs and small ones. My team handles everything from portal sites through full real time MMO server development, and we're always looking for talent.


Our dev shop is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We have sales offices in LA and Seattle.

No remote opportunities right now, but we offer competitive salaries and relocation expenses for the right candidate.

Contact me for more info or shoot me a resume: shunter@fuelindustries.com

GEICO is hiring a Senior .NET developer. We're looking for someone with experience with WCF and XSLT.

This is an on-site position in one of our Virginia/DC area locations.


American Roamer is hiring. We make interactive maps like Google Maps and have a large cloud infrastructure to maintain. We mostly use Ruby, Javascript, SQL, and C. We have also started moving into Hadoop based data processing. Looking for smart people with good problem solving skills and experience with any of these technologies.

We will find the best fit in our organization for you. We need developers to handle data analysis, web programming, algorithm research, and cloud infrastructure development.

Based in Memphis, TN.


Yelp is still hiring. We're in downtown San Francisco. Frontend, backend, iPhone, Android, you name it. Lots of python. http://www.yelp.com/jobs

LeftRight is hiring and be part of the team building our mobile platform service. We're part of AlphaLab Summer 2009 and we already have revenue and paying customers for our soon to be launched mobile platform! We're based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Telecommute friendly!

Needed: Server side developer. Most of the backend is developed using Rails/Ruby, RESTful type API/web service. So Rails/Ruby is essential. If you like to experiment with cool cool stuff, like cassandra, ec2, cloud hosting, that's even better.

Drop me an email at my HN username @ leftrightstudios.net

Think is hiring iPhone, Android, LAMP and JavaScript developers in Palo Alto.


I find it strange to be hiring a 5-year LAMP veteran as an intern. hmmm.


youDevise, a small financial-software firm in London, England committed to learning and improvement as well as great web software, is hiring developers, QA staff, operations team members, and other smart folks of many kinds. See http://www.youdevise.com/careers and https://dev.youdevise.com.

No remote working, but we do help the right people move to London (having a master's degree helps those outside the European Union).

SurveyMonkey is hiring. We're just starting some very exciting things and are looking to fill a wide variety of different roles - http://www.surveymonkey.com/jobs/Home_Jobs.htm

We have offices both in Portland, OR and Menlo Park, CA (right next to Caltrain). We're looking mainly to hire in the Bay Area. We've got a really great benefits package, competitive salary, and most importantly a really awesome team.

Any questions, or to reach out to me: timc at surveymonkey.

Does "looking mainly to hire in the Bay Area" mean you are only considering current Bay Area residents? I'm willing to move away from my current location, so I was just curious.

I relocated from Boston to the Bay Area when I joined SurveyMonkey. I just meant our preference is to expand our Menlo Park office.

Thanks for clarifying!

Invite Media is hiring in Philadelphia and NYC (http://www.invitemedia.com/careers/open_positions.shtml)

Wolters Kluwer Health in NYC is embarking on several new projects on the SharePoint 2010 platform. This is a new platform for most of us and we'll be spending a lot of time getting training, so we'd like to fill an open Sr Software Developer position with someone who's already got relevant experience.


Hotlist (http://www.thehotlist.com/) in New York City is hiring a server side developers. The person has to be able to write PHP/Python/Ruby/Perl without difficulty. Experiences with MySQL or can learn Database programming on the fly. Please check out our startuply ad http://www.startuply.com/Jobs/Talented_LAMP_developer_backen...

Viximo in Boston is hiring RoR engineers (or solid web devs that learn fast.) http://viximo.com/job/server_eng

Boston, MA: Zazu (http://getzazu.com) -- in the middle of rebranding. We're looking for a few full time developers and dev interns.

We do mobile stuff (we're working on an android app now, but we've got iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, etc in the pipes), really cool NLP stuff with RSS feeds, and fantastically awesome database stuff.

Job can be done remotely, though we'd prefer that you're in the area.

Give me a ping if you're interested (marc at ^the domain up there^).

If you're in Texas, we're hiring another software developer here at MileMeter. See http://milemeter.com/jobs

Track.com is looking for a few people, both summer interns and full time (and possibly part time, depending on the person). Django experience is a big plus.

Track.com is a financial research platform that gives experienced market commentators a place to publish their ideas, and the general public access to the high quality research typically available only to high net worth individuals. Our offices are in midtown Manhattan. Contact rich@

To anyone on here who is hiring: I just launched a job board that specifically targets the HN niche. You can use the coupon code "HN" (in caps) for a free full time job posting. That coupon is good for the first 100 posts (I don't think that will be an issue). The site is Genius Pool: http://geniuspool.com/?s=hn (I'd love any feedback but that's a separate thread).

CollegeHumor is hiring developers - http://www.collegehumor.com/jobs#job_18

Looking for experience in any of the following: Python, C, or LabVIEW Analog and Digital Electronics Design Control Theory and Systems


Looks like this is in Texas (erdosmiller.com), but you might want to also mention whether or not this is a remote work job.

We're looking for a few great .NET developers in NYC - we're the US division of a large (but privately owned) international media company (http://www.haymarket.com). Located right in Chelsea, lots of exciting projects and technologies. Email web@haymarketmedia.com if interested! Thanks, Christian.

Looking for security engineers interested in consulting, penetration testing, development, and research. Experience with C, C++, Java, .NET a plus.

Positions open in both London and NYC offices (candidates must be willing to relocate if not local)

See http://www.gdssecurity.com/g/ca.php for more information.

If you're in the Los Angeles/Pasadena/SGV area, my company (Green Dot) has about 11 I.T. openings right now:


If you're hiring or looking for a co-founder, list your startup on http://www.startuplinkup.com. It's a simple, semantic wiki - a more permanent home for your search. Or you can find a startup to work for. (shameless promotion of my site)

MX Telecom are looking for devs in London. Mobile messaging and applications for folk like 118118/KGB_ BBC and Twitter

We like great software, Frisbee and the colour blue


No remote working, sorry.


If you're wanting someone to drop you a line, perhaps putting some contact information up would help?

Not sure why this is getting downvoted, it seems to be a perfectly reasonable request. I, for one, wanted to get in touch.

I just realized that my email address wasn't public and only my personal website was.

My email address is nolan at nolancaudill.com. Sorry about that and please email away!

DBL Systems is looking for a freelance Designer/UI person and a freelance Rails developer. Please visit http://www.dblsystems.com/contact - Location: NJ/Jersey Shore but work can be remote.

We're running a "speed interviewing" event on 4/27 in NYC to connect software people and companies. Check out who's coming on hirelite.com

If you're impatient or want to get in touch with a previous company that's come, let me know and I'll put you in contact with them.

Genlighten is looking for a Front-end UI/UX Designer / Rails Developer. Details are at http://bit.ly/dshmNY. Preferred location would be Chicago or Logan, Utah, but remote may also work. Thanks!

Is there a Ranorex developer here who takes freelance work? I'd be interested, contact me.

At Last.fm we're looking for an experienced web developer in London:


There are also a few other jobs on the page there, all based in London.

StreamFocus is hiring: Part-time Sr. Front end Javascript guru at exciting start-up (San Francisco) - http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/sof/1656317518.html

Citrix Online is hiring Java engineers (primarily) in Santa Barbara, CA and San Francisco.

See http://www.citrixonline.com/careers.tmpl or drop me an email at msb264 at gmail

Posterous is hiring Rails engineers in San Francisco. We're a super small team (6 full time engineers) and have big challenges to be tackled ahead. Also, we're about to get new offices in the Mission right at 16th and Mission!

You guys are doing everything right. Keep it up.

(If I had more rails experience (working on it!) and lived in San Francisco (My dream!) I'd totally look this up.)

If you have RoR experience and a head for design - drop me an email. (In NYC)

BitTorrent Inc. is hiring. You can send your resume to jobs@bittorrent.com

[Boston, MA] Delsys, Inc is hiring Win32 desktop application developers. http://jobs.stackoverflow.com/default.asp?6580

New York, NY: NewsCore is hiring: Java, Linux, Python


StreetEasy.com is hiring Rubyists in NYC! We're looking for smart people who want to work with Ruby/Rails so drop us a line at jobs@streeteasy.com with your resume if you are interested.

Nasuni - Natick, MA (boston area) is hiring a business development person, as well as sales.


Listia (YC S09) is hiring a talented Rails developer! http://www.listia.com/jobs

My company is hiring, in SF: http://younoodle.com/static/jobs

My co is hiring soon. C/C++ in Richardson, TX

We're hiring in Waterloo, Ontario http://www.tophatmonocle.com

C/Assembler/Linux kernel expert on hardcore low-level concurrent stuff? I would be interested to talk. We work remotely.

Need contact info, or is that part of the prescreening? ;-)

Sorry I thought my email showed up - please email me on bahadir@l4dev.org. We're a small team building a hypervisor for the linux kernel. I am looking to find the people in advance to be ready as demand may arise quickly.

so did you start (actual) hiring yet?

No not yet, probing for now - given that it's hard to find the right people.

www.clickbooth.com is hiring in Sarasota, FL. Advertising network. Contextual ad placement. Multi Variate. Tracking Platforms that scale to 30bn impressions a month. Free snacks and beverages, free health insurance, flexible work hours. Email me at sh-ane@cl-ickboo-th.com (no dashes)

Anyone know of anything in Canada?

Mozilla Toronto! We have an office with about 20-30 people there. Great place to work and you'll visit HQ in Mountain View, CA once or twice a year.


Yes! SSi Micro! We're waaaaaaaay up North!

See my above comment in this thread: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1215882

Fuel Industries! We're looking for smart web devs, flash developers, and some management positions:


We're not hiring anyone specifically now, but you owe it to yourself to check out Waterloo region. It's starting to get an awesome and vibrant startup scene, and alongside mammoth companies like RIM there are a ridiculous amount of job opportunities.

check out www.waterlootechjobs.com

Critical Mass is hiring for numerous roles across both design and development in both their Calgary and Toronto offices (as well as in Chicago)

see: http://www.cytiva.ca/cmass/ext2/tpl.asp

Anybody in Chicago? I only see a few on here - there's gotta be more! :-)

Any jobs in Applied Math or Computational Science (masters (me) or PhD)?

We are looking for someone with a strong math/science background to work on our matching algorithm and pull insights out of our logged data. Email me if you want to learn more: jake(at)bu.mp.

Anybody hiring in India? Or willing to take in an Indian developer?

Nothing in Seattle or vicinity?

We're looking for a Flex plus some reasonable combination of: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, CouchDB. Seattle based.

Contract to perm, pending closing our Series A (hopefully in the next few weeks).

Some remote is a possibility.

http://myprofitsee.com peterj at myprofitsee.com

Something in France ?

ExtraHop Networks is hiring. We're a startup in Seattle with a high-end network analysis product that already demolishes our competition in many ways. Ideally we're looking for superb C programmers but if you're a great programmer and are looking to work on challenging problems then please send me an email: ben at extrahop dot com.

We have venture backing from Madrona and Andreessen Horowitz.

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