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Can I ask where on the personality spectrum you fall? I am quite introverted, but also in a leadership position where, due to being placed in positions of increasing responsibility, have to talk in front of people semi-regularly. I've given some thought to joining TM for practice controlling nerves before speaking, do you have personal experience with the group?

I am a complete introvert and was more fearful of public speaking than probably anyone you know. That's why I joined toastmasters which was supremely challenging at first, but through repeated desensitization (i.e., practice) you become less fearful. Public speaking is still not my favorite thing, but at least it is not limiting my personal and professional growth. I can now give talks at conferences without having a complete panic attack. There are other benefits too like practicing your extemporaneous speaking skills (table topics for you TMs out there) such that you sound cogent even when someone catches you off guard.

Thanks, sounds like it's just what I need!

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