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You'd probably like Strang. He's an mit professor who shared his linear algebra course lectures. They're excellent.


A one-edition back version of his book _Introduction to Linear Algebra_ is available for under $30.


I actually don't like the Strang book and his MIT course.

I watched 6 or 7 of his lessons, and to be honest, I think they're nice if you already know the subject.

I have skimmed both an italian version of his book and an english one, still didn't like it.

The nice thing about the Schlesinger book is that it builds all of the concepts basically from scratch. Euclid’s Elements are quoted too, in the introduction.

Too bad it has poor examples.

That was not my experience -- I was utterly confused by my college linear algebra class which was taught as a bag of techniques. I couldn't figure out why anyone would care or what you would do with any of it. And I definitely didn't get the connections to the geometry that Strang goes over in Ch4 iirc.

Strang taught me linear algebra. His course -- and I read a couple other books afterwards -- is the only reason I understand it. Not only the how of the techniques, but why and what they do.

I don't suppose there's an english translation of the Schlesinger book? Google says no.

Unfortunately that book was too lightweight on theory to be of use to me, but it's certainly a very good book. I've recently started Strang's more advanced book on computational linear algebra/numerical analysis and it's pretty good though.

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