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Magic traits and intrisics are also a form of compiler hooks, without them the compiler will not have any idea what to do with the library.

In any case looking forward to it.

Right, but this is no different from implementing Add or Copy or FnMut or Placer, or calling sizeof or transmute or black_box, or using UnsafeCell. So its not "special" in any way. I don't disagree that its a compiler hook; that's what I called it in the first place :) I disagree that its makes the library in any way "special" or a pseudo library.

I can write a linear algebra library that gives you Vec3d and Matrix4d and the ability to multiply/add such types using regular multiplication operators. I can also write a Gc<T> library that lets you wrap some values in a GC heap allocation, which will have some extra stack maps being generated. It doesn't feel much different to me, both are equally worthy of being called libraries.

Anyway, expect a blog post soon. :)

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