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See my comment [1] on the recent Graal/Truffle piece for why I'm moving away from those frameworks. It just seems too cumbersome to write a compiler in Java.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12123657

And yet Rust, with its famously awkward borrow checker, isn't cumbersome at all? I find this set of priorities a little odd.

But if you want less verbosity, you can write your compiler in Kotlin instead. There's no requirement that Truffle languages be written in Java, they just do it that way because Java gives closest control over the bytecode which is generated. But Kotlin generates bytecode that's very similar to what Java creates, so you could use it and get a more modern syntax.

At any rate, I can guarantee you that adjusting an existing language to be less verbose or more to your liking is a lot less effort than building an entire ecosystem of compilers that try to use Rust as their lingua-franca, given that Rust was never designed for this task.

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