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I'd rather see things compile to typed ASM or something. SPARK + Rust if we're talking intermediate language so we get SPARK's static benefits on some code with Rust's on other code.

Then you'd probably want LLVM IR (or an equivalent). It was literally designed to be a hardware-agnostic strongly-typed SSA assembly.

And/or you could do what Rust and Swift are doing (with MIR and SIL, respectively), and define your own ASM-like language between your parsed AST and LLVM IR. That way you can do high-level optimizations, static analysis, etc. before you drop too far down and lose much context.

LLVM folks told me it has issues that stem from fact it was created originally for C/C++ and x86. I'd think something more like TALC or, as you said, strongly-typed SSA that was language and HW neutral. Plenty of research on such stuff though.

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