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for whiteboarding: onenote on surfaces? (which syncs almost real-time) This is what I use, for those kind of things, as someone working remotely

Not a bad idea, but it means deploying a surface to everyone, and frankly most people want to use Macs, so I'd have to give two devices to everyone, one of which would only get used for whiteboarding, which doesn't happen that often.

Tablets can be slightly cheaper than houses near the office.

What about an equivalent IPad and app? Maybe something like (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baiboard-collaborative-white...) (I haven't personally used it but ipad's would make more sense in the Apple world ...)

Looks like there are a few other options:



ah yeah, I actually use a macbook and surface pro 2 at the same time as pictured: (http://imgur.com/a/fqf3P) combined specs are actually similar to a new mb pro (combined 512 gb ssd, 16 gb ram, ~4.7 pounds), and cost is less, given that the sp2 was bought used so total ~ $1900.

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