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It is quite weird that we have all these up-votes (including my own) but no answers.

I think that the real answer might be something quite embarrassing, and politically incorrect.

I'm more prone to believe the answer is dull and not well-defined, on the likes of:

- We really don't know how to deal with the differences, and it is scary to try;

- There are some company process that we are afraid of changing to accommodate telecommuting;

- The risks and costs outweigh the benefits, or the benefits are fuzzy while the risks and costs are clear;

- etc

Those are the excuses. I think the actual reasons are much more sad, visceral and disgusting.

Yep. I bet this covers 95% of cases.

I think it has a lot of up votes from people who want remote jobs but can't find them. They want to see what people say here so that they can better form their objections/arguments for making a job remote.

...which is why I want to write this feature article. I'm sure the same people will read it! ::laughing::

> I think that the real answer might be something quite embarrassing, and politically incorrect.

I'm curious what you think it might be. I would guess here but lack experience to guide my guess.

It is really politically incorrect. I prefer to keep it to myself.

What up-votes? I can barely read the Ask-HN question, it's such a light shade of gray. Someone really doesn't like it it seems.

I gave it an up-vote anyway, because this is an interesting and highly relevant topic in the tech field, though I'm dubious of getting any substantive responses from anyone who's any kind of manager.

All text submissions are the same. HN really should change the styling as even the most upvoted text submission by the HN staff shows up as the same dim text, like this one from 'dang', a moderator: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=12073675

Thanks for the clarification. They really should fix that, it's confusing for one (because down-modded posts are also light gray), and secondly because it's just plain hard to read.

The Ask HN text is always gray.

Spot on. Many companies try experimenting with remote working by hiring cheap and not skilled enough labor from countries with low average salaries and then blame remote working itself, or "cultural and language barriers" for the failures.

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