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If you think your political opponents are short democracy, and only your political allies are long, you're not helping democracy function. The biggest advantage of democracy over alternatives is that when a decision is made, an entire nation can feel that it owns it (the extent to which nations are masters of their own fate under democracy is debatable, but the feeling surely prevents civil wars on all scales, the utility of which is hardly debatable.) Sore losers thinking of a massively popular opponent as being outside the system and of the majority's decision as non-binding on the grounds of it being outside the system definitely undermine democracy - the only question is whether they undermine it necessarily or unnecessarily.

Of course there exist politicians who demand that democracy is dismantled, and in that sense are outside the system. But claiming that your opponent is that politician should be done only when he really is that politician, because you're in effect claiming that the conflict with that politician is not resolvable within the system of democracy - effectively you say that democracy will not work to win this battle. So if you're wrong and the politician isn't as anti-democratic - for instance if he's the kind of guy who'll step down when voted out instead of attempting a coup - then you calling him hopelessly anti-democratic is the one demanding that democracy be dismantled.

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