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smalera on July 22, 2016 | hide | past | favorite

So, I assume, that it would be good sense to remove this article, as this site is a welcome respite from politics.

But so long as this article remains, Peter Thiel:

> "I don’t pretend to agree with every plank in our party’s platform, but fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline"

He should talk to the people he is trying to get elected - they are the ones responsible for fake necessary voter ID laws, fake laws protected religious freedoms, fake laws attacking women's ability to control their reproductive rights, fake laws to control who gets into what bathrooms.

If he wants to convince me that his party is even remotely concerned about the economy and truly focusing on the right things, maybe the week should have focused on how to unleash entrepreneurship in the country like making it easier not harder to take risks etc...

It was a good speech, it just overlooked the basic facts on the ground.

I think the truth is a little less subject to a pretty speech. "I care more about my money than anything else."

If you think your political opponents are short democracy, and only your political allies are long, you're not helping democracy function. The biggest advantage of democracy over alternatives is that when a decision is made, an entire nation can feel that it owns it (the extent to which nations are masters of their own fate under democracy is debatable, but the feeling surely prevents civil wars on all scales, the utility of which is hardly debatable.) Sore losers thinking of a massively popular opponent as being outside the system and of the majority's decision as non-binding on the grounds of it being outside the system definitely undermine democracy - the only question is whether they undermine it necessarily or unnecessarily.

Of course there exist politicians who demand that democracy is dismantled, and in that sense are outside the system. But claiming that your opponent is that politician should be done only when he really is that politician, because you're in effect claiming that the conflict with that politician is not resolvable within the system of democracy - effectively you say that democracy will not work to win this battle. So if you're wrong and the politician isn't as anti-democratic - for instance if he's the kind of guy who'll step down when voted out instead of attempting a coup - then you calling him hopelessly anti-democratic is the one demanding that democracy be dismantled.

Yet another article scrabbling for a conspiracy to explain how an SV icon could possibly have political ideas that go against the grain. Unsurprisingly, it's nothing but a bunch of mindless hypotheses about how Thiel must be a self-hating gay who is trying to destroy the political system from the inside.


I think Thiel is crazy if he thinks Trump is going to change the government in a way Ron Paul would have, or would have tried to change.

I highly doubt Trump will even attempt to shutdown any of these agencies Thiel hates so much.

>> "lost golden age and the opportunity that seemed available to his parents’ generation"

Anyone that believes there's less opportunity now than at any point in history clearly lacks an understanding of the current state of the world.

let's not debate the politics of YC partners here, nothing good will come out of it.

I don't like Thiel.

but lets keep political pieces off hn.

I'm not completely following the author... I guess he's saying that Thiel is pessimistic. Well, can you blame him?

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