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I don't think the founder of Zipcar or VMWare got to their success by going to conferences and talking about "women in tech". They built stuff that people want. Period.

its not about their success, it is about other women looking for inspiration from people that may have encountered the same adversity as them, and only finding the people that talk about being women

You would be right if the narrative was "It was super hard, it was unfair, but I worked my ass off and I succeeded regardless."

But that's not the case. The narrative is "There are less women in tech. The companies should be ashamed, and they should hire more women."

There's a big difference. The former is actually inspirational because the it lets people know they can succeed despite the hard reality.

I would be inclined to agree with you if I didn't already agree with you

You are debating my counterpoint as I can see this issue from the perspectives of other people

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