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  But now that they are generally "equal", it's detrimental 
  to them. I.e. It's entirely plausible that society is self-
  correcting against the unfairly-claimed bias by...being 
To say women and men are generally "equal" right now is failing to recognize ways they continue to struggle and the pervasive ways sexism continues to affect women. There's a lot of unconscious bias in society + strong evidence of it. And I'd find it dubious to claim tech is some exception.

I think "overcorrection" is a valid concern (if people begin devaluing women's opinions thinking they're diversity hires or somehow hired at a lower bar), but I for one haven't observed us being there yet. There's still this yawning divide between being a man vs a woman in both society and in the smaller sphere of tech. There are many things we take for granted as men: e.g people don't assume I, a man, work in marketing despite sitting with other engineers -- these sorts of things negatively affect women who are otherwise fully / more than qualified to do their jobs.

Anecdotally, a number of women in my life who worked in tech have since left the industry citing aggressions of varying levels. This is concerning :(

Over correction does already happen (not sure if you meant you haven't yet observed over correction, or the negative fallout of it). See for example Glowforge's approach: https://glowforge.com/blog/at-glowforge-we-pay-for-diversity...

While I absolutely wish that any person felt welcome in tech regardless of race, gender or other choices like orientation, I'm not convinced this is a good approach. It's an explicit statement that they are desperate for diversity, and as a result it calls in to question the justification for those hires. How much did the candidates diversity factor in vs. their competence?

They claim that non-minorities won't be disadvantaged by them and I believe they are being honest here, but it still sends a very mixed message.

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