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The "first page of the AT&T site" is a rather arbitrary criteria for finding what phones are on offer. The only Android phones there are high end ($600-700) Samsung and LG phones.

Its definitely not hard to find Android phones with 8 or 16GB of storage, especially on the cheaper end. Saavy consumers can get a pretty solid Android phone for around $200, though. I'm specifically thinking of the Moto G, now on its 4th iteration, and all of them have been fairly well spec'd and reviewed for that price point.

I would have gone deeper, but their site navigation wasn't working in my browser. That said, it definitely seems that in markets like the US at least, a large percentage of Android phones being sold today are late model Samsungs, LGs, etc. I'm sure you can still buy a PoS Android phone that doesn't really work properly, but it hasn't been the case that people are really buying those in masse for a few years now.

Motorola does have some cheaper options, even the Moto G you mentioned starts at 16GB, and it's a $200 phone that is actually pretty good, as you pointed out. The comment I was responding to was talking about "Android phones with 8GB in which the OS takes 5GB and undeletable apps use 2+GB" that carriers were supposedly duping people into buying. That's just not the case, and hasn't been for probably five years.

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