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Aren't most expandable via SD?

Yes, which is great for photos and other data. You can move individual apps there, too, but parts of the moved apps still stay on the phone and you can't control this.

My wife's phone has all movable apps except Trello moved to SD, along with all photos, Audible cache, etc., and it's running about 300MB free on the phone most of the time. When we bought it I assumed it would be fine because my low end HTC came with 2GB free space. The difference I missed was Android 4.4 is much larger.

We will try replacing Facebook/Messenger with Metal as suggested elsewhere and see if that leaves more wiggle room and improves battery life and overall performance.

Older ones were, but the new Nexus phones aren't, and I'm pretty sure I've heard of others. I was horrified at first, but I will probably end up buying a new phone before it really becomes a problem... And I bought a huge one this time, too, so it really isn't a problem.

I have an S7 as my secondary (primary is 6S Plus) so I'm a casual user at best, but the SIM slot appears to hold both the SIM and a MicroSD.

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