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Me and the wife started https://arnestorp.se (Swedish) selling babynests about a year ago, along side two regular jobs.

It's been steadily increasing in sales volume to the point where my wife has cut some hours from her regular job to be able to keep up.

As she does all the real work (sewing) I've been able to focus on fun stuff like automating all the payment handling, bookkeeping, shipping etc.

Babynests seem to be a Nordic thing, I guess? Personally, I had never heard of them until I read your comment. For what it's worth, the US market seems to be quite unexplored, something you might want to consider. They look really cool, although there might be some safety concerns. I think that US pediatricians are currently unanimously recommending flat empty cribs / bassinets (no side padding or loose blankets) for newborns.

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