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Bigger drawback is that it's bloaty, I have a mix of Chrome apps and Electron apps, the Electron are big (40+ MB) and take much longer to start because they have their own Chrome to open, while the Chrome apps just use the global Chrome instance that's already open.

I wonder if we'll someday get something akin to the JVM for Chromium-based stuff. We'd finally have a single install that could be updated and every app being kilobytes instead of megabytes.

Well but what about those people who do not even have Chrome installed and are not even planning to use Chrome for privacy reasons?

I'm not saying "just install Chrome", that wouldn't solve the problem. I'm saying it'd be nice just have a Chromium install that's used by the other apps. If you use anything based on Electron you're using Chromium anyway.

It's not about installing an additional browser, it's about unififying all the Chromium installs in a single package. Imagine how nice would it be if every Java app had its own copy of the JVM: They would be incredibly bulky and near impossible to update (considering the sort of vulnerabilities that the JVM gets, it would be a disaster). It's a scenario for JVM, it's a reality for Electron.

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