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Nope - we thought that wasn't quite needed since they were being set up as a public service, not a monetization platform.

We need a project like the Linux kernel, except for a good browser.

I don't consider this a good rebuttal - Firefox has done stuff like pocket (not monetary but invasive) and search engine deals (monetary). Though it is pretty close.

Don't we have a couple of "Linux" like browsers already? Like Konqueror? Or are those not good enough?

Nope - they aren't good enough. It's not easy to install. What I would love in a browser:

* An organization set up to oversee it that does not need to care about money (pipe dream part here).

* Easy to install.

* Standards compliant.

* Open source.

All in all, Firefox is the closest (imo). What rubs me wrong about chrome is that originally it was to be monetized - at least I don't remember such.

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