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Does this apply to Chromium? Because if not, I'm definitely switching.

Why not move to Firefox? They actually want what's best for us. Check out the Developer Edition.

Because it is slow. For me, just scrolling on the fb news feed is slightly janky, with missed frames all the time. Just can't stand it.

Check out Vivaldi. It uses Chromes blink engine and packs lots of nice features. My subjective impression is that it's also faster and consumes less memory.

Chromium is mostly unencumbered by Google bloatware, honestly it's the version most people should be using.

"Features that communicate with Google made available through the compilation of code in Chromium are subject to the Google Privacy Policy."

from https://www.chromium.org/Home/chromium-privacy

Any idea what specifically they are referring to?

There is at least some "communication with Google" that could be considered innocuous. For example - accessing their Safe Browsing API (also used by Safari and Firefox).

Probably signing in with your Google Account on Chromium.

One reason I have to use Chrome (over Chromium) is so I can use Netflix due to DRM plugin required: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+...

Otherwise I agree, Chromium is faster and has less suprises

I use Netflix in Chromium via chromium-widevine (in the AUR if you use Arch.)

What are the practical differences? (Most of my searches come up with 2014ish stuff..)

You can also opt out (or maybe even just not opt in), or don't sign in to Chrome.

I hadn't seen your post before I posted, but there's Chromium Inox which tries to remove the Google from Chromium you might want to check out.

Also Iridium browser.

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