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What good browser is free of this horror?

Firefox prompts you before even turning on search prediction, and it asks you about telemetry at first startup.

For people like me Firefox offer the best of both worlds:

* No google keylogger in the main url bar (but local autocomplete based on previous history, bookmarks etc)

* access to autocomplete in search field next to url bar (I think removing this was one of the simplifications in the original Chrome.)

Ctrl-L: go to url bar

Ctrl-K: go to search field



qutebrowser¹ is fantastic. I just wish it had more ways to block trackers on webpages (other than just completely disabling JavaScript—even being able to whitelist JavaScript on certain hostnames would be a huge start).


¹ — https://qutebrowser.org/


Is it though?

It is, if you don't sign the browser into Google, disable all telemetry and prediction options, and use a non-Google search engine.

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