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A couple of suggestions:

1. It reminds me of the graphical view that is present in the IDA disassembler in which functions are broken into "boxes" wherever there is a jump in control flow. If you're disassembling a C function, for example, this generally means that a box corresponds to some block of code that is delimited by curly braces. The point here is that you don't have a box for every single assembly instruction, because that would be ridiculous. Rather, the function is broken down into several "clauses" that express complex ideas, and then each clause is described textually by several lines of code.

For example, if I want to express something like:

    (lambda (x y) (/ (* 2 x) (+ x y)))
then it would be nice if I could draw a box with input terminals for x and y and then type in the expression, rather than having to create three boxes for each arithmetic operation. It would be faster to program this way, and the result would easier to read.

2. Also, drawing inspiration from IDA's visual mode (as well as electronic circuit diagrams), lines should all travel at right angles. There should also be an auto layout mode which attempts to layout the graph so that there are a minimum number of edge crossings.

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