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Yet. Before I release it, I want it to be a polished product which runs reliably, and has good documentation, so that people will continue to use it after downloading it.

I'm working alone, without any backing.

Full Metal Jacket seems really promising. Thanks for working on this.

Have you seen Clarity? Yours looks more interesting, but it's another visual programming language: http://www.clarity-support.co.uk/products/clarity/

There's a book on it too: https://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Programs-Schematic-Functional...

There might some aspects that could be useful to your work.

Have you considered what a full 3D version with touch controls might look like?

Do you accept donations?

Donations would be very helpful of course, but I don't yet have any mechanism set up to receive them. If you or anyone wishes to make them, please first get in touch by email (my email address is on http://web.onetel.com/~hibou/index.html). Then, I could arrange to receive donations, perhaps via Paypal.

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