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This is an interesting, worthwhile project, but the headline, "text-based languages are so 20th century," struck me as naively arrogant.

There are a TON of interesting '21st century' things being done with the "text-based languages" this website dismisses.

BTW, that website is so 20th century.

And to be honest, the visual programming language fad for "actual" use was so 20th century as well. Visual programming has found a bit of a home with "programming for non-programmers" around kids'/intro stuff and some game tools.

I'm working on something similar and I agree with him. Writing is literally stone-age technology. It's adequate for many things, but it's only got one feature. We need something with more dimensions.

There were a lot of attempts at touch-based interfaces before someone finally got it right and everyone went "Oh, that's how that's supposed to work."

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