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Looking at the tutorial now, and it is very intuitive. Nice ;)

Edit: Too bad it hasn't been opensourced. Lack of being opensourced is a death sentence for any tool.

Microsoft , wolfram research , mathworks would like to have a word with you .

I could do with some paid work. I have three published papers, six patents, 35 years computing experience in lots of different areas, and no job.

Patents suck. In 90% of the cases, they cost everyone money, including the inventor. :(

Microsoft is currently in the process of opensourcing their TOOLs. Their tools were dying out before they did so.

Actually, I didn't always believe this, I saw in the time around longhorn, that visual studio was miles ahead of anything else with its almost bugless, very fast, easy to install tools that had every library preconfigured to provide autocompletion and documentation. I was surprised that the majority of windows programmers I knew were using open source tools origionally developed for linux or the "java ecosystem" on windows. But that's the way it is now adays. And Microsoft knows it too.


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