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First off, great post.

It's very nostalgic for me because the author is fascinated by the technology of the day. COBOL, hierarchical databases, batch processing were still a norm in IT when I got into the field. My first programming job was around 1992-93 on a Vax using SQR and PL/SQL for an accounting department. We also had to be able to read COBOL. By contrast, my friend got into the field 5 years ahead of me and was hired into an insurance company. His IT department was just switching from assembly and IMS on an IBM mainframe to the "newfangled" COBOL going against DB2.

I left IBM after a year, stayed in my first programming job for a year, and then started a 5-year stint with startups. When I hit the startup scene I realized how a new norm was developing. Small servers, C/C++, relational databases, and OLTP were the dominant paradigm in smaller organizations.

The author did a nice job describing this period in the history of computing.

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