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Oh, yeah.

Girls were especially happy when we've added an option to choose octave :)

I still hear sometimes in my night dreams sound of bank's operation hall orchestra :) Twenty workstations or so at closing of operational day ... It was actually not that bad.

The only problem was with 10 digits and 12-tone chromatic scale. Added '.' and '-' to that.

that is very interesting what you are saying. acoustic perception has almost unlimited bandwidth compared to visual. you don't even have to look, just listen for the noise in the background. if girls learned to distinguish 10 tones by the end of their first day, imagine what can be done with more sophisticated approach. this acoustic monitoring can be complimentary to standard mode of operation, a sort of UDP protocol - if you missed a note, fuck it, sky won't fall, but because of incredible capacity of our brain to distinguish the patterns in background noise, this can be very useful in detecting unusual situations that otherwise would go unnoticed.

That area of UI/UX is very interesting indeed.

Common misconception is that UI is only about visual side of it. User Interaction may include all other senses/informational channels.

Another common misconception is to think that UI principles are the same on any device that has CPU. Far from it.

As an example: I've participated in initial designs of EverNote[.com] application. From the very beginning it was very clear for us that desktop and mobile versions are very different entities. On mobiles you essentially have no other way to input your data other than using camera or voice. Size of your finger's touch area on phone screen is comparable with area of average paragraph of text. WYSIWYG text editing in such circumstances is barely feasible. So only buttons of 1 inch size, that's the only reliable options in GUI.

GUI and UI in general are very interesting things indeed.

Why not two octaves in the Pentatonic scale?


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