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Don't forget about open-back seating, so everybody can see what you're working on.

I don't particularly mind that people see my monitors. If you work in a decent place, no one would care if you read some news once in a while. If someone spends the day idling, then it's noticed anyway.

Once in a while I get a sensitive or confidential email, but that usually happens when the computer is connected to a big screen in a conference room full of people anyway...

I DO mind not finding anywhere to sit, not knowing where people are when I want to talk to them, not having two or three huge monitors to work on, and not having my Model-M to type on...

Personally I do mind, not because of fear someone catches me procrastinating on Hacker News (most people in my company wouldn't even know what it is) - I simply can't focus with other people close behind me. It's a weird kind of stress.

Wait, are you saying there are still companies attempting to hotdesk, "not finding anywhere to sit?"

Yes? A rather large telecom company for example.

I guess there are some stools and tables available somewhere, and technically you can sit on the floor I suppose, but people that are late more or less have to go home again.

They are kind of in a downwards spiral anyway, so maybe it will sort it self out.

I actually like this, since it stops me from procrastinating, as does working in a team.

or rather, what you are browsing.

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