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Was expecting a Question and A...

Yeah, sorry about that! I'll add some direct Q&A at the bottom of the post!

Yeah, please do! Here's some questions I would ask:

1. How/when did you decide you wanted to be a programmer?

2. What were the challenges you've faced as a female programmer that started in the 90's?

3. You've been working for the same entity and possibly the same code base for more than 20 years. Does it ever gets old?

4. How scary is it to write code for a bank?

I'm certain I would have 100's more questions to ask, but I'll be satisfied with at least these :-)

There! I've added those to the post at the bottom, with one more quite funny story that I didn't knew about myself. Thank you all for asking questions, there are many questions that I couldn't come up with myself that I'm very happy to get answers from!

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