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This fails (my) personal test of all HTML systems -- it doesn't scale well with changes in resolution, and many projectors will auto-change my laptop's size when I plug them in.

My hacked up slide system (which I want to dump, I hacked someone else's library years ago) makes a fixed div of size 1024x768, and then uses CSS zoom to resize that to the browser window.

Could you elaborate? How does it not scale? It's using bootstrap for styling, so there's that. Me and a couple of lecturer peers have been using it in lectures for classes of all sizes which includes different kinds of beamers. As you stated, my machine will also auto-scale resolution in this scenario. If all else fails, there's Strl++/- (;

I'm also using it on OS X and Debian. Both work well. And as is recognizable from the git commit history - there's not much that needs to be done over the years to keep it going. Exactly my kind of HTML system - dead simple, no dependencies, works also years later^^

Well I could ctrl +/-, but then have to worry some slide mid-presentation will still be too large and have to shrink again.

With PowerPoint / keynote and friends, I can be sure all my text will fit on the screen, even if I end up on a stupid 800x600 projector. No HTML framework, except my hacky mess, seems to do that. Maybe resizing mid presentation bothers other people less than me.

Ok, I do understand now. In my career, I have not met a 800x600 projector - but the problem scales (pun intended^^), of course.

Would you be willing to share your hacky mess or make a PR? I really do get what you're referring to now and do think that if you won't contribute, I'll have to write my own hacky mess(;

Older projectors have this resolution, but 1024x768 is more common. Some of the projectors at my university are 800x600 and I've run into them at conferences where the hotel conference facilities are older and haven't kept up.

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