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Markdown is fine for github, but isn't there even a slight bit of Helvetica-fatigue out there? Aren't we in a position, 20 years after HTML's widespread adoption, where we can aspire to something slightly more artful/communicative than Markdown's catastrophically simplistic and tragically ugly idea of layout?

Markdown represents, honestly, the massacre of the art of typography. It is ironic how such an ugly standard clashes with the its inventor's purported love for Apple, a company whose very DNA is about the beauty of layout, fonts, and the visual representation of the written word.

Markdown -> you have been weighed in the balance and found (severely) wanting.

Markdown has nothing to do with typography. What the output looks like is, deliberately, a completely separate concern.

In the case of using markdown for generating web based presentations, your CSS would be responsible for the styling - just like any other web page.

Markdown is just the semantics and content.

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