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It could be even simpler. A presentation tool by the suckless folks with minimal dependencies but several features:


I like pinpoint[0] which is the same vein. Here is a presentation [1].

[0] https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Pinpoint [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po5La1OP2WI

Also, there is http://trikita.co/slide for Android and a standalone https://github.com/trikita/slide-html with very similar goals

If rampant NIH syndrome is your thing, that might be great. But if rampant NIH syndrome is your thing, you'll write your own anyway, so...

I disagree VEHEMENTLY. Sent is a godsend if you want to write a simple presentation without the bullshit. And if you use sent, the constraints placed on you force you towards making good slides.

Disagree all you like. The same is true of org-mode with reveal, or Marp, or any of myriad other tools. There's no magic to suckless software. It's just a lot more opinionated than most, a trait which plainly suits you well.

Now see, that I agree with. I merely disagree that sent's useless unless you have a taste for NIH.

Who called it useless? But ascribing rampant NIH to suckless is hardly a strain on credulity; otherwise they'd just use FreeBSD, instead of reinventing it piecemeal on the Linux kernel.

You did describe it in a way that implied it was useless if NIH wasn't your thing.

And no, I don't argue that NIH doesn't exist in other suckless projects, merely that it isn't the rationale for sent. Sent has some solid advantages over anything else out there, at least for me.

I don't agree that the implication you ascribe is present, or that sent isn't primarily motivated by NIH in the same way that more or less all of the suckless repertoire appears to be, but reasonable people can differ on such points without acrimony. In any case, I'm glad you found something that suits you.

Well, then. I'm sorry for reading that implication in, and glad that we could come to understand each other better.

HN is a lot like Youtube comments: There's a lot of arguing, but sometimes, people treat each other decently. It's honestly kinda surreal, coming from 4chan, reddit, or tumblr.

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